Friday, June 18, 2010

The Great Bed Switch

I've been working pretty hard on decluttering and figuring out what the priorities need to be in fixing up the house, especially taking the budget into consideration.
The kids and I finished the playroom and ended up with three boxes of toys and one box of books to consign. I took a couple of trips to Home Depot and started pricing things out a bit. I took down the curtains in the computer room.

But the most noticeable progress has been made in DS's room.

First, we put up his new valances. I know that they're not the pinnacle of stylishness, but they made him very happy AND they were on clearance at Target!

Here he is, posing with them. (Don't mind the colorful shirt - he and DD put a whole sheet of happy face stickers on their shirts.)

But the big thing is that we finally convinced him that the big bed was good for more than naps, and he agreed, as long as it could be in the same spot where his toddler bed was so he could see the bathroom light at night. So today, the toddler bed got moved to DD's room, and DS now has a big-boy room!

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