Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's been a month...

...since I last posted, and while some progress has been made, much of that month was spent preparing for a trip, taking the trip, and recovering from the trip!

Not a whole lot has happened in terms of actual improvements to the house. My focuses have been on decluttering and getting the front lawn growing again. On the decluttering end, I sold more than 150 items that my kids have outgrown (clothes, socks, shoes, etc.) in an online sale. So nice to have that stuff out of the house!

On the lawn front, I have been out watering the areas where the sprinkler is broken several times a week for the past month, and things are starting to fill in a bit. I'm hoping our recent heat wave (100 degrees each day with no rain in sight) doesn't kill it back off again. Fixing the sprinklers has been bumped up to #3 on our house list.

We also switched around DD's room. The crib is now gone, so now there's a lot more room in her room. No pictures because our camera is just about dead - time to start shopping around for a new one.

Hope to update more interesting things in a couple of weeks!

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