Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movin' It Out

This week has been a fun week for our house! Consignment sale registration opened up and I raced the clock trying to get everything entered before the sale closed. It closed (64,000 items entered) in less than 36 hours, so I'm so glad I had everything prepared. So now I just have to tag everything and in a few weeks it will be out of my life forever! Now I just need the self-control not to replace it all by buying things when I go to shop!

I also spent a bunch of time this week reorganizing the computer room. An end table and a chair got relocated to the garage, another chair went to the sun room, and one of DS's nightstands/small dressers came in to take the place of the end table. The drawers have now been filled with some of DH's junk, so now I don't have to look at it and it's not cluttering up the floor. Score!

DH and I talked for a while tonight about possible ways to reorganize/improve our living areas. We came up with some good ideas and a list of things to think about. I can't wait to get started!

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